Kenneth the Page Delivers Republican Response

Following President’s Obama ambitious outline of national priorities, the Republican response was delivered by Kenneth the Page – I mean Bobby Jindal.  In a stiff response delivered following a “something up my butt” walk up to the camera, Kenneth, I mean Bobby, made sure to touch on the important issues of the day – like don’t you think taxes are still too high and the left still thinks America sucks.  

In a response so disjoint from the President’s actual speech it seemed to have been recorded last week, Jindal clearly showed that people can’t trust the government because you know Bush fucked up Katrina.  He failed to mention that Bush fucked up the war too, but we still have to trust the government to take care of national defense.  Or maybe we shouldn’t.  The power of Jesus and the Magic of Capitalism will vanquish our enemies for us, Miss Lemon – I mean America.  

Thanks to Sadly, No! for the follow through


But let the main point be crystal clear, we can never trust the government to allow us to save our own friends from drownding, without getting insurance companies invloved.  Yeah, I don’t really get it either.  Anyhow, let’s buy up all the guns in the county and retreat to our bomb shelters.  Oh wait, no.  He advocated more tax cuts.  Shunning the old adage – fool me once shame on . . . shame on you . . . you can’t be fooled again – he retreated back to the old pool of solution on the right that has been drained out to the only popular solution left – paying off voters with tax cuts.  I can’t wait for more from Kenneth, er Bobby later.  

Jindal Responded


2 responses to “Kenneth the Page Delivers Republican Response

  1. Do you know why I put up with this ‘pitiful job’, Mr. Donaghy, why I fetch these folks’ lunches and clean up their barfs? Cause they make television. And more then jazz, or musical theater, or morbid obesity, television is the true American artform.

  2. Kenneth: Miss Lemon, may I speak with you?

    Liz: Sure. Can you walk and talk?

    Kenneth: Uh… usually, but now you got me thinking about it.

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